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Have a great time at the Beginning of the Pole dance and enjoy its amazing benefits

Posted on Jan 06, 2020

Are you a fan of the most amazing pole dance classes and you love to reap the benefits out of it? Well, you are really in for a treat when it comes to the amazing advantages of going for pole dance. Pole dance, just like another physical activity, requires you to exert your body energy into pushing your body to do things that you thought you won’t be able to do. It makes your muscles flexible and lets you stretch out while impressing men around with your amazing pole dance skills. In case you are looking out for a pole dance class, then the Anima Flow Movement and Bodywork is organizing their Beginning pole dance classes, every Wednesday where you dance your heart out and learn how to go for a pole dance. You need to register before, for the event where the master instructor will teach you how to blend your body’s physical mental, energetic and spiritual aspects in her classes.

Holly, the instructor for the event will teach about how to use the pole as a tool for movement expression and freedom for both your body and mind and she will also guide you through meditation, lifts, spins, dance, flow, flexibility, musicality and self-expression.

The admission fee for the event is $30 and the timings are flexible so that you can be a part of the event and learn some skills at the same time. Other than that, there are some amazing benefits of pole dance that include, increase in strength, increase in cardiovascular health, lose weight and burn calories, and improve coordination and rhythm.

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