Shop and Dine while Staying at Views Inn Sedona

Have a great shopping and dining experience downtown Sedona AZ.

Sedona is known for its diversity comprising vibrant arts and crafts, unique shopping experience, fine dining, and night-outs. There are many places you can visit to have a great dining experience and shop around. If you are in Sedona and are staying at Views Inn Sedona hotel rooms, you can sample out some of these spots. We are among the Sedona discount hotels that allow you to save money and use it for shopping and exploring various dining experiences in downtown Sedona. Some of the restaurants you can visit are:

Pisa Lisa

If you love pizza, you don’t want to miss Pisa Lisa. This award-winning Italian-themed restaurant offers you a variety of pizzas among other dishes. You can sample out the Bruschetta Trio, which is made from ingredients like the traditional tomato basil, pine-nut, olive tapenade with chèvre, and artichoke truffle parmesan. Pisa Lisa has a personal commitment to their guests to ensure that they create a memory laced with great ambiance and cuisine. If you are staying in one of the motels Sedona AZ area, you can visit Pisa Lisa's place for your dining experience.

Cafe José

A family-owned and operated theme restaurant in downtown Sedona, Cafe José has been serving not only authentic but also award-winning American and Mexican cuisine for more than 10 years. At Cafe José, you can explore a great selection of lunches, breakfasts, and daily specials as well as dinner entrees served by some of the friendliest wait staff around town. Whether its margaritas or choices of white and red wines to accompany your dinner, you will find the experience at Cafe José a unique one. As you stay in one of the hotels in downtown Sedona AZ, make sure you sample out this restaurant.

Dahl & Di Luca RistoranteItaliano

An award-winning Italian themed restaurant, the Dahl & Di Luca RistoranteItaliano offers some of the most delicious, yet sophisticated dishes in town. The restaurant has been running for more than 23 years and is a rare gem when it comes to Italian culinary work. You can visit the restaurant and see what Chef de Cuisine Ray Leza and Executive Chef Lisa Dahl have to offer. We offer signature interpretations of the greatest Italian classics inspired by the delights of culinary picked from different regions of Italy.

These are some of the restaurants you can visit when residing in one of the best Sedona hotels with views. Views Inn Sedona will offer you a great opportunity to tour these spots and others including Exposures International Gallery, Turquoise Tortoise Gallery, and Lanning Gallery.

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